Dancing when there’s nothing to talk about…

I’m doing a show next Wednesday with Merchants of Reality, some dear friends of mine that are an artist collective based in SOMA. I love collaborating with them because they’re amazing artists, and totally sweet folks, and they like doing fairly free-form and experimental shows with lots of different types of both visual and performance art, giving me a lot of room to explore non-traditional burlesque, or just various styles of dance in general. the space is amazing, you should come check it out sometime even if you can’t make it next week.

The theme of this show is Non-erotic sexuality. mumbles and i discussed what that could mean; it was a great brainstorm. There’s so much to sexuality besides arousal- the emotional aspects, [ir-]rationality, elements of surprise, scripts we carry around with us about what sex is and should look like and how it should be played out, discovering something new about ourselves, tastes/distastes, power… the list goes on. and yet we tend to reduce sex to just about getting it on and getting off. as the great Dan Savage said a few days ago…

“Sex is too powerful. It’s half a billion years older than we are. This idea, that we have sex? It’s bullshit. Sex has us.”

i’m specifically interested in exploring how we come to see ourselves as attractive or not; the process of seeing yourself in your true light, seeing through and past the mirror and recognizing that you’ll always wish you were different and will find things to criticize but if you listen to your heart instead of your brain just a little bit more you might be surprised to know that you are just the way you’re supposed to be.

it’s too late for well-formed sentences, apparently.


Wednesday, Feb 8, 2012
Non-Erotic Sexuality Art Exhibition
285 9th st, sf (x Folsom)

the entrance isn’t super obvious, look for this:

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