Laika Fox (they/them) is a Denver-based burlesque performer, FemmeCee, pleasure activist, and instigator of low-key mischief, originally hailing from Oakland, CA. Drawing on their background in jazz dance, musical theater, and activism, they use burlesque as a medium for creating acts that are clever, insightful, and often subversive.

They received the title of ‘Most Classic’ at ABurlyQ 2017 dressed as a giant piece of meat.

You can find them performing all over Colorado, the US, and internationally, both solo and with friends.

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Laika is Co-Director of The Body Political. The Body Political is an organization that confronts social myths about the body through personal stories of resistance and reclamation. Programs of BP include: a bi-annual subversive burlesque and variety show, workshops on how to create political performances about your experiences in your body, and sponsoring and promoting other subversive burlesque and variety shows.

They were previously the web production specialist for the Burlesque Hall of Fame, a nonprofit museum with a mission to preserve, celebrate, and inspire the art of burlesque.