Body Political Curtain Call June 2018, photo by Astra Kim

The Body Political, June 2018

Last Saturday (ok 2 Saturdays ago, I’ve been writing this post for a week) was our 6th show of The Body Political. It felt so good to be back home in the Bay Area, after taking the show… Read More

Internet Famous for #glitterpits

Internet famous for having glittery armpits: http://www.boredpanda.com/glitter-armpits-women-instagram/ Good times! I’m so excited that pit hair is in again! [edit] ok, addendum, apparently this trend is taking to the internet like goddamn WILDFIRE and has evoked every response, including:… Read More

Burlesque Insurgence

This was an email I wrote to a community of techie-activists that I’m a part of (called Web Of Change), thought I’d re-post: I just wanted to share a moment of insurgence within insurgence that I experienced last… Read More

The [First] Body Political

I’m producing a show with Andi Stardust in a few weeks. I’m so excited/nervous about it. We’ve been talking about doing this for a while now, and the time has come. I’m honored to have this lineup; we had… Read More