La Chica Boom, Dottie Lux, and Cherry Poppins are some of my biggest inspirations when it comes to political burlesque. LCB has some *fantastic* acts, ranging from commentary on Chicana/Mexican culture, drag/queer stuff, pill-popping, pinata-fisting… ay yi yi. Dottie runs this totally kickass twice-weekly (Wed & Fri) show, Red Hots, that showcases the best of the Bay, constantly nabs rockstars from other parts of the country, and has the occasional sprinkling of newbies. She does some pretty hilarious clowny stuff and has a really awesome act about Hollywood bullshit. Cherry is great and always has really rad topical current-event acts up her sleeve, and usually with a blatant anti-capitalist twist. fuck yea.

also i saw Livid Cult’s show at Vitus last night and was just totally blown away by their creative and unique individual energy, and how it all came together into a super kickass show. Dorian Faust is so raw and present when she performs, i’m just in awe every time i see her do her thing. The Empress kicks a lot of ass and has such great sense of movement. Sgt. Die Weiss is so bubbly and rocks out so hard, so much fun to watch. and Elyse Elaine is an incredible dancer and singer, and is just so classically sexy it *kills* me. Geesh. what a lineup. on top of all that was Kiss Me Kate, Dottie Lux, La Chica Boom, Alotta Boutte, and Kitty Von Quim. blown away. and the venue was gorgeous!

shit, i gotta sleep, got that real job in the morning.

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