Burly on the brain

After spending almost an entire evening watching burlesque videos on the internet, it occurred to me that Betty Page might be as famous as she is because she is just as playful and silly as she is gorgeous. that’s what we really go for – not just the stone cold foxyness, but the human quality, the awkward cheeky grin, the oops-i-lost-my-shirt element of surprise… the theatrics.

i’ve been trying to figure out why being serious, seductive, bored, and nervous as hell all come across so similarly to the crowd. it’s the lack of expression. when i’m trying to seduce someone in the audience, you have to over-exaggerate it – point them out, make a kissy face, wink, whatever.

the trouble is, how can i make my numbers classy and fun without getting too campy? and then from there, how can i push the envelope of traditional burlesque (different music, different styles of dancing) without getting to convoluted and straying from the very simple task of dancing, stripping, and showing the crowd a good time?

all to be learned by doing, i suppose. onward and upward…

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