Internet Famous for #glitterpits

Internet famous for having glittery armpits:

Good times! I’m so excited that pit hair is in again!


ok, addendum, apparently this trend is taking to the internet like goddamn WILDFIRE and has evoked every response, including:

  • “that looks itchy.”
  • “why?”
  • “festive!”
  • “eww, gross. armpit hair is disgusting, why would you want to put glitter there?”
  • “fucking feminist bullshit”
  • “it’s my opinion that it’s freaking disgusting for girls to have hairy pits. I believe in equal pay and rights for women, and I also believe we should shave our flippin’ pits.”
  • “what are these feminists trying to prove, anyway?”
  • “they’re just doing this for attention.”
  • “i think it’s hot”
  • “They’re like tiny ornaments for your underarm tree.”

I never thought i’d end up on Cosmo, but i’ll take it! 😉

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