the good times are killing me

howdee folks! now time for a quick update, on this rainy morning (finally) in November.

i took a few months off dancing, and starting October 30th I’ve been back in action. Laika booked 6 gigs for November and a few in the following months. yipes!

Wanda Wonderland and I did a fantastic act to “interjections” at the Schoolhouse Rawk show at First Friday Follies in Oakland. Goooooood times. clowny times. observe:

aww, clowny love

hopefully there will be video available soon.

this week was seduction feroce at era art bar, good show, kinda shitty lighting, but i think they’re working on that. good crowd.

next week will be curvicious cabaret: boobs don’t cry, a tribute to new wave.

good times keep rolling. i should document more. perhaps winter will give me more time to reflect on things. that i always the hope…

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