Laika Fox, the future of the past, the future of the present, being trapped in space, etc.

How could anyone pick up such a cute dog off the street and think, yea, let’s throw this mutt into space, never to return!

Tragic, really. RIP sweet Laika.

And thus you have the inspiration for the suz’s latest burlesque character. Laika Fox. Her bio is still being written, in proper time-warping fashion. All i can say for now is that she is the orphaned lovechild of a capricious space-gypsy and rusky scientist. Oh, what happens when two substances collide… and by all accounts you really should have died…

Hmm hmm. Laika Fox. Technolust extraordinaire, the Sputnik Smutnik.

Themes include, but are not limited to: science, technology, cyborgs, feminism, progress, capitalism, consumerism, pop culture, subculture, general fabulousness, a good time, lamé, and, of course, glitters and titters.

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