Drunk… drunk… drank.

*whew* My overly ambitious November of 5 goddamn performances is through. It was a tough one, Miss Laika, but you totally made it. and I’m so proud of you, you wily ol’ clown-robot-cowgirl thing, you.

Last week was Red Hots. I love that show. Dottie Lux is awesome and rounds (and trains) up a fantastic crew every time. I did an act to Grandstand by Beats Antique, in which I portrayed a very drunk clown that was one sip of Clown Drankā„¢ too far. There might have been glittery vomit involved. Just sayin’. Observe:

I got the idea from a thought I have before every show, the almighty question: “To drink or not to drink?” “Maybe it’ll loosen me up a bit, I’ve got too much on my mind” “Maybe I’ll get all sloppy and forget my choreo and make an ass of myself”. all viable options.

i thought about how performing intoxicated was never an option when i used to dance in school. and how bars are an interesting scene to be performing in because in some ways the audiences’ standards might be lowered since they’re all smashed anyway. but fuck that. anytime i drink before getting up there i walk away feeling like i’ve cheated myself, and the audience.

and then i remembered a poem i wrote to myself about 2 years ago. luckily i never throw anything away so i dug it out. there was this line in it that really resonated in my head:

“Pretending to be drunk beats pretending to be sober”

i couldn’t get it out of my head. so naturally i had to do an act about getting caught out on stage, drunk as a skunk, embarrassed as hell, with glitter dripping off my sad, pathetic face. poor clown. what a mess.

excited to refine this act. el rio’s stage is pretty small, think i’ll bring this with me to uptown in january and make use of their lovely ample stage area.

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