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Internet Famous for #glitterpits

Internet famous for having glittery armpits: Good times! I'm so excited that pit hair is in again! [edit] ok, addendum, apparently this trend is taking to the internet like goddamn WILDFIRE and has evoked every response, including: “that looks itchy.” “why?” “festive!” “eww, gross. armpit hair is disgusting, why would you want to put [...]

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Burlesque Insurgence

This was an email I wrote to a community of techie-activists that I'm a part of (called Web Of Change), thought I'd re-post: I just wanted to share a moment of insurgence within insurgence that I experienced last week. As many of you know, I produced a burlesque show about body politics and personal stories [...]

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The Body Political

I'm producing a show with Andi Stardust in a few weeks. I'm so excited/nervous about it. We've been talking about doing this for a while now, and the time has come. I'm honored to have this lineup; we had about 40 act submissions and this is truly the crème de la crème. Some brought existing acts, [...]

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on classic burlesque and a fear of being beautiful

real talk: doing straight-up classic burlesque terrifies me. I'm much more comfortable playing a character, being funny, telling a story, and/or making things real weird. thanks Eva D'Luscious for challenging me to bring my sassy stripper game, and to all my fellow performers last night for the compliments. it's nice to stretch that classic muscle a bit, [...]

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a lovebomb just went off in my heart.

I wanted to share this sweet piece of love from my dear friend Jesi Ringofire. Sometimes I feel like I get so caught up in my work that I forget how it affects people. May 2015 be a year of deepening my connections with the people I love, and who inspire, challenge, and support me [...]

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BurlyCon notes, for my loves who could not be here.

(and for my own reference ;) ) Class: You Don’t Need to Do It All: Prioritizing Your Burlesque Life Jo Boobs Weldon Through practical exercises and visioning techniques, attendees will discover what matters most to them in their burlesque careers, and will discuss how to prioritize their time and focus. Topics covered will include: When and [...]

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Festivals, a whole new world. that's 2 down, 2 on the way. Edmonton!! Minneapolis!!   next stop: Atlanta, for Southern Fried Burlesque Festival!

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Things I am excited about as of late

performing with First Church of the Sacred Silversexual: performing with Tourettes Without Regrets:     that is all. for now. good things are afoot. Thursday I leave for Edmonton Burlesque Fest! weeee!

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The mythical Pheonix act. Took me over a year to conceptualize and create this thing. Built it up too much in my head, other ideas intercepted, sat around with lots of fabric and no idea what to do with it... but with the help of one miss most excellent Crystal Titus i was able to [...]

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A few photos from my debut at the DNA Hubba Hubba Revue. I <3 that stage. excited to be back on it *makes stage humping gesture* My partner for that act was the lovely Grace Bones. Hot damn I love that lady, she's fierce and smart and hilarious and a total nerd. And she made [...]

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I prefer my gorillas rhinestoned, thanks.

well, if i can't get myself to write about my own work, i may as well tell you about some fantastic performers that recently came through town. rhinestone. gorilla. burlesque. oh, yes. an ny-based group of ladies that totally speak my language. hot, funny, clever, provocative, intelligent... i could go on. I nearly peed my [...]

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Dancing when there’s nothing to talk about…

I'm doing a show next Wednesday with Merchants of Reality, some dear friends of mine that are an artist collective based in SOMA. I love collaborating with them because they're amazing artists, and totally sweet folks, and they like doing fairly free-form and experimental shows with lots of different types of both visual and performance [...]

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Playing with my blinky lights (AKA the robot act)

This act, as I tell people, is a 'thinly veiled commentary on female self-discovery'. A little robot girl breaks free from the clutches of her master, and when no one is watching, she takes the opportunity to find out what lies beneath her cold, metallic exterior; the result is soft, sensitive, and surprising. [...]

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Hooray for new websites!

Hey y'all, I got inspired to finally start blogging as Laika. So here it is, a brand *spanking* new website, with a responsive layout (optimized for all devices). What would you like me to blog about? I'd love to hear input. I've mostly done recap on shows but I'd like to start documenting [...]

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La Chica Boom, Dottie Lux, and Cherry Poppins are some of my biggest inspirations when it comes to political burlesque. LCB has some *fantastic* acts, ranging from commentary on Chicana/Mexican culture, drag/queer stuff, pill-popping, pinata-fisting... ay yi yi. Dottie runs this totally kickass twice-weekly (Wed & Fri) show, Red Hots, that showcases the best of [...]

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Ooooh, Sparkly!

Last Wednesday's Red Hots was fan-fucking-tastic. Check out more of the glamour here. I am honored to have shared the stage with some many talented performers. Geesh.

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Drunk… drunk… drank.

*whew* My overly ambitious November of 5 goddamn performances is through. It was a tough one, Miss Laika, but you totally made it. and I'm so proud of you, you wily ol' clown-robot-cowgirl thing, you. Last week was Red Hots. I love that show. Dottie Lux is awesome and rounds (and trains) up a fantastic [...]

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